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2020 Year In Review

Published on 13 January 2021

2020 Year In Review 

Happy New Year! Though COVID-19 has shifted the economic landscape of the world, activity is high in retail investments and the capital markets, more broadly.  Read on for a summary of the changes we saw this year and expect to come.


A Word From DealMaker CEO:

Despite COVID-19 and US political turmoil, the capital markets have proved resilient.  Capital markets technology is emerging as a leading fintech sector and our team is excited to be building the technology to power the capital markets of the future, and keep entrepreneurs funded.



We saw an explosion of private placements during 2020.  Despite uncertainty in the markets,  the number of issuers raising on DealMaker continued to rise.

Over 15,000

investors signed on DealMaker

in 2020

Over US$182 million

 C$92 million and

A$1 million 

 raised on DealMaker

in 2020 


Reg A+

  •  $1.3 B raised between July 1 2019 and June 30 2020
  • Maximum offering amount under Tier 2 raised from $50M to $75M
  • Maximum offering amount for secondary sales under Tier 2  raised from $15M to $22.5M

Rule 504 of Reg D

  • $171 M raised between July 1 2019 and June 30 2020
  • Maximum offering amount raised from $5 M to $10 M

Direct Listings

The SEC approved direct listings on the NYSE— allowing companies to issue new shares and sell them directly to the public on the first day of trading without an investment bank underwriting the offering.

Expected Impact?

The combination of these changes provides a clear pathway for issuers to raise significant capital from retail investors from seed to growth stage, and now going public. 

We expect to see more and more companies using this pathway to growth, and new and innovative companies being funded by retail investors.  This could be a very strong avenue for economic recalibration after COVID, as these companies are typically retail, consumer-facing brands. 

With enhanced marketing feedback loops and integrations, we expect to see stronger retargeting campaigns in 2021, resulting in more capital being raised with fewer dollars spent. 



New Features

DealMaker introduced a number of revolutionary new features for our deal and enterprise clients, continuing to lead the global markets as the only internationally compliant technology solution.

Digital Payments - Credit Card and ACH

New digital payments enable credit card and ACH payments for convenient and instantaneous payments directly.

White Labeling 

White Labeling enables issuers to design custom branded portals to deliver investors an experience that keeps company branding front and centre.


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DealMaker, DealSquare, and NEO Launched New Partnership for Enhanced Private Placement Offerings

DealMaker, DealSquare, and NEO announced the launch of a new partnership to provide a comprehensive private placement solution for issuers, dealers, advisors, and investors - a solution that is both fully digital and global in reach. We will be co-hosting a webinar on MedC - the first ever raise through this joint offering. Join us this Thursday January 14th at 1:00 pm EST.


LD Micro Main Event

DealMaker CEO, Rebecca Kacaba, spoke at the 13th Annual LD Micro Main Event this year. Rebecca discussed the future of Reg A+ and Reg D capital raising and how technology is transforming the raising experience for issuers and investors.



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