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DealMaker, DealSquare, And NEO Launch New Partnership For Enhanced Private Placement Offerings

Published on 02 September 2020


Joint service offering aims to modernize and simplify the private markets 


Toronto – September 2, 2020 – DealMaker, DealSquare, and NEO today announced the launch of a new partnership to provide a comprehensive private placement solution for issuers, dealers, advisors, and investors - a solution that is both fully digital and global in reach. DealMaker is a cloud-based platform for executing private placements, fund formation, and KYC. DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, is an online private placement marketplace for dealers, investment advisors, and capital raisers. 


The joint service offering will provide users with access to international distribution and the broadest reach of capital market participants, while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of both the DealMaker and DealSquare platforms:  dynamic agreement management and fund collection, on-book management of securities, and integration with dealer systems that allow dealers, advisors, portfolio managers, and their investors to execute private placements online, in a seamless manner. Issuers will be able to raise capital through one central marketplace across all types of investors: domestic and international, brokered and non-brokered - something that until now, has never been possible in Canada.  


Founded in 2018, DealMaker is an innovative cloud-based platform for accelerated capital-raising, KYC, and fund formation. Used and trusted by some of the world’s leading law firms and organizations, DealMaker’s software eliminates friction in the capital-raising process, empowering users to manage, circulate, and track documents swiftly and securely. 


“This is a pivotal time for the Canadian economy,” explains Rebecca Kacaba, CEO of DealMaker. “We need to support local businesses now more than ever, and providing greater, simpler access to capital will elevate the ability of every entrepreneur in Canada to fund their venture. That’s why we're excited to partner with DealSquare and NEO on this joint service offering. Together, they have built a fantastic marketplace which will now reach into the wider investor community abroad."


DealSquare is a centralized platform that gives registered users the ability to efficiently find, analyze, share, and subscribe to private market deals. DealSquare offers a fully digital and automated process, allowing capital raisers to publish their private placement opportunities, dealers to complete their due diligence, and advisors and investors to electronically subscribe to a deal. Exempt securities are seamlessly integrated on-book into client accounts, similar to public securities, and dealer back-office systems using NEO technology.


"We view the capabilities of DealMaker as a natural complement to our existing DealSquare network,” says Peter-Paul Van Hoeken, Managing Director of DealSquare. “With their ability to bring international capital to the marketplace, our collective capacity becomes significantly more powerful and results in an even greater investor experience. Our innovative joint service offering delivers a fully integrated and digitized private markets solution to investors, dealers, and capital raisers.”


“This joint initiative is a testament to our shared commitment to developing innovative solutions that make private markets better for investors and companies seeking to raise capital,” adds Jos Schmitt, President & CEO of NEO. “By harnessing the combined strengths of both the DealMaker and DealSquare platforms, we are taking Canadian private capital markets to the next level and demonstrating once again that Canadian innovation can be world-leading.”


For more information, we invite you to attend a joint Q&A session on Wednesday September 16, 2020 at 12pm EST. To register for the Q&A, please click here.


About DealSquare


Developed in partnership with NEO, DealSquare, is Canada’s first centralized dealer platform for private placements, digitally connecting capital raisers to investment dealers, their advisory networks, and their investors. Introduced in 2019, DealSquare supports the entire private placement process: capital raisers publish their private placement opportunities; dealers complete their due diligence; and advisors electronically subscribe to a deal, with exempt securities seamlessly integrated into client accounts and back office systems utilizing NEO technology.


Connect with DealSquare: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter  


About DealMaker


DealMaker is an innovative cloud-based platform for the capital raising and settlement of domestic and international private placements in capital markets, KYC and Fund Formation. DealMaker makes private placement transactions surprisingly pleasant, delivering speed, innovation, and efficiency to the global private capital markets. Financings using DealMaker close faster, with greater control over the process which creates a better experience. DealMaker strives for a simpler, cleaner way of doing things on one global platform.  


Connect with DealMaker: Website | LinkedIn | Twitter  


About NEO


NEO is a group of established fintech companies that provide capital markets infrastructure designed for and led by the industry. NEO’s competitive drive, innovation, and advocacy enable change for the better. The NEO Exchange is a progressive stock exchange that brings together investors and capital raisers within a fair, efficient, and service-oriented environment; and DealSquare, powered by NEO technology, is a platform that enables the distribution of financial assets not listed on a stock exchange in a way that reduces costs, minimizes operational risks, and improves the investor experience.


Connect with NEO: Website | Twitter | Linkedin  


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