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January 2021 Newsletter

Published on 01 January 2021

January 2021 Newsletter

This month we share our insights on leveraging the Offering Memorandum exemption, repeat investors, and more.  Read on for a summary of the biggest private placement trends and news we saw this month!


The Offering Memorandum Exemption 

Widely considered the Canadian equivalent to the Regulation A+, the Offering Memorandum (OM) exemption is one of the most significant regulatory exemptions in Canadian capital markets. It allows Canadian issuers to raise capital from a much broader network of potential investors who might not otherwise be able to invest. 

In the past, managing a nation-wide capital raise using the OM exemption was not feasible due to varying investor qualification requirements and investment amounts across the Canadian provinces. DealMaker’s proprietary technology allows for seamless OM accreditation management in a secure platform with total issuer control - opening a new world of potential for issuers.

Some benefits of the OM exemption include:

Available To All Issuers

Companies at any stage of development can now raise funds from investors by using the Offering Memorandum exemption proprietary question flow and document generator, it is no longer cost-prohibitive.

Access All Potential Investors

The existence of an Offering Memorandum allows for more categories of investors who are eligible and can participate in an offering. Non-accredited investors could be allowed to invest in offering using the OM exemption, with certain restrictions.

Marketed Capital Raising

With the OM exemption, issuers now have the ability to amplify their message to multiple more potential investors using state of the art marketing techniques.


Connect with one of our experts for more information about DealMaker and the Offering Memorandum Exemption.



Repeat Investors 

Nurturing an investor base with low turnover and repeat investment is one of the greatest markers of success. We tracked investor behaviour on our platform throughout 2020 to gain insight into how DealMaker drives repeat investment. 



of investors on DealMaker

invest in more than one deal


On average

repeat investors invest


vs. $21K

per one-time investor




What Biden's Regulatory Freeze Could Mean For Private Capital

The incoming Biden administration has issued a Regulatory Freeze for rules not yet in effect. Potentially among them - the SEC's new rules passed in November to increase opportunities for investors and simplify and harmonize certain aspects of the exempt offering framework. We will be following this closely, stay tuned for updates. 

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IMF raises 2021 global growth projection to 5.5%

"It reflects the positive effects of the vaccine success that we saw towards the end of last year and the additional policy support that was provided in some countries,"

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