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Newsletter March 2021

Published on 01 March 2021

March 2021 Newsletter


Announcing DealMaker Academy!

A weekly chat on Clubhouse about all things capital raising.

  • Equity crowdfunding (Reg A+, CF, D)
  • Start-up financing & strategy
  • How to set yourself up to raise capital effectively and efficiently for your business 

We're excited for you to sign up and join the conversation. We have a limited supply of invites to the Clubhouse app - please reach out and let us know if you would like one asap! 

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[Webinar] Decoding Regulation A+ 

We kicked off our Decoding Regulation A+ webinar series by having an engaging discussion with Kevin Morris from Miso Robotics and Jonathan Stidd from Ridge Growth Agency.  

Topics Covered:

  • What makes a successful raise, from a team that has run dozens of successful Reg A+
  • The Reg A+ timeline, costs and how much you can expect to raise
  • How to leverage marketing effectively to achieve your raise goal
  • Common mistakes in the Reg A+ and ways to avoid them

If you missed the discussion, we have provided a video and audio replay below. Stay tuned for our next webinar in the series!

Video Replay 

Audio Replay 


DealMaker Digital Payments 

"Don't lose dollars to save cents"

Issuers that use DealMaker Payments raise more capital by providing investors with payment options suited for their needs. DealMaker's digital payments solution delivers issuers the most advanced tools to accept and reconcile payments seamlessly.

  • Increase conversion through an easier investment process
  • Issuers  have access to the most secure and robust digital payment solutions including credit cards & ACH
  • Real-time payment reconciliation enables matching investor payments to subscription agreements, saving time to focus on raising more capital
  • Reduce settlement time with instant payment, eliminating lengthy transaction costs in the process, while also saving you money 

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The Difference Between Reg A+ Tier I and Tier II

Regulation A+ (Reg A+) is an incredibly powerful method for raising capital, however, in order to get the most out of your raise, it is crucial to select the correct tier for you. While both tiers have benefits and drawbacks, tier II generally provides the greatest flexibility and opportunity for companies looking to raise capital.

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A New Epoch For Retail Investors Is Just Beginning

"Technology may soon make markets for all kinds of assets as liquid as the stockmarket."

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Gamestop And Bitcoin Renewed A Push To Digitize The Stock Market 

"Experiments in blockchain-based exchanges—with nearly instant, ‘round-the-clock' trading—are gaining steam, but critics warn of volatility and risk"

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