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Newsletter October 2020

Published on 30 October 2020

November has arrived, and the changing seasons bring changes in equity crowdfunding regulation. Since the passing of the JOBS Act in 2015, Reg A+ has transformed the capital markets, allowing 200+ issuers to raise in excess of $2 billion. Recognizing the opportunity that lies ahead, the SEC has announced that it will raise the offering limit to $75M for Reg A+. As offering volume continues to increase, our team looks forward to welcoming more successful and sophisticated Reg A+ issuers, propelling the capital markets through an unprecedented digital revolution. Read on for the biggest news, updates, and trends in the capital markets.


SEC Boosts Reg A+ Limit to $75 Million

"In a party-line vote, the Commission approved new rules that increase Reg CF funding to $5 million, from current $1.07 million, and Reg A+, Tier II offerings to $75 million, from current $50 million."

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Deal Activity Is Rising 

"Q2 2020 seems to be the nadir in deal activity because Q3 numbers were higher and likely signal the beginning of the recovery. Announced deal activity is also up, suggesting that we may be in for a healthy end to 2020 and robust start to 2021."

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Investors Keep Calm And Carry On Amid Market Volatility

“A new survey conducted for the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) found that 37% of investors said they had a “very” or “fairly” aggressive risk tolerance in 2020 — up from 35% in 2017. Sixty percent of respondents said they were conservative investors — down from 63% in 2017.”

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SEC and CFTC Look to Harmonize Bad Actor Approach Pertaining to Reg D and Reg A+

“The Chairmen of the SEC and CFTC expect to use reasonable efforts to “formalize and memorialize” the coordination of their staffs with respect to CFTC orders that may implicate the SEC Disqualification Rules.”

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