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International Offerings

DealMaker supports brokered and non-brokered private placements around the globe.

Whether it’s equity units with warrants, convertible debt, founder rounds or more, DealMaker removes the friction from capital raises, with broad and ever-growing support for:

  • Accredited Investor offerings
  • Offering Memorandum (OM) exemption in Canadian Provinces
  • Friends, family and close business associates
  • And many more
DealMaker Workflow
Create digital portal
Let us transform lengthy documents into a fully digital responsive question and answer experience.
Manage team
Lawyers, advisors, broker syndicates and colleagues can all be included through DealMaker’s permission controls, ensuring transparency while protecting information.
Invite Investors
Personalize email or embedded link invitations to investors.
Streamline Subscriptions
Investors subscribe through our proprietary question flow, saving time, providing a more professional experience, minimizing errors and accelerating closing.
Track deal progress & Generate Reports
Real-time dashboard drives insight into deal metrics, summaries and investor-level details. Save and track your data, complete government filings and treasury directions at the click of a button.