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An end-to-end Regulation A+ solution

From the generation of documents to closing, DealMaker streamlines and quarterbacks the Reg A+ process.

  1. Engage DealMaker

    DealMaker plans an offering timeline and delivers a full-service solution, with preferential rates from our partners

  2. Generate documents and file

    State of the art software generates documents. File with the SEC, and conduct your pre-marketing process

  3. Go live

    DealMaker transforms offerings into digital raises for a seamless subscription experience

  4. Close

    Continue to raise capital up to the maximum qualified by the SEC ($50M under Reg A+ Tier II) Stay live for up to 12 months, closing at a target amount or over multiple campaigns

DealMaker Delivers

Digital Experience

Customized deal setup and question flow delivers a clear and elegant online investor experience, with post-closing documents and company information stored free of charge.

Enhanced Reputation

Present your company in a polished and professional manner by providing your investors a seamless, modern experience.

Market Expertise

Decades of capital markets and legal experience help deliver a seamless raise. Leverage our integrated IRA account subscription signing, further increasing access to capital.

Streamlined Management

Our proprietary software helps draft documents, streamline investor communications/access to capital, and automate document circulation, collection and fund tracking - all cost effectively.

Features Include
  • Easy to use Magic Links for seamless investor invitations
  • Automated AML/PEP/ID checks
  • Investor accreditation verification steps embedded in workflows
  • Wide variety of payment options
  • Accessible to a global investor base
  • Private, proprietary document portals and investor question flow
  • Automated investor email reminders
  • Online subscription agreement signing with secure audit trail
  • Secure document archive available to investors
  • Export data and reports in a variety of formats for compliance purposes
Full-service Solution
Document Generation

Save time and money generating offering documents with state of the art technology

Investor Support & Enhanced Distribution

Actively increase distribution and sales and leverage a dedicated and trained investor support call centre

Clearing Broker

Integrated KYC and regulatory compliance in all states

Marketing Integration

Build your investment landing page/site, conduct pre-marketing, and maximize investment volume